Chapter 1

Bit of a dull week tbh…

So this week I haven’t really got anything crazy that I can share with you guys but aah well, let’s hope for some fun next week!

Actually, I guess something slightly interesting did happen. You see, I was waiting for the bus after I had just finished up at college and there were around 20 people at the bus stop which is slightly unusual for that particular stop. So anyway, it’s kind of late and being November in England, it’s practically the Ice Age so yeah… I was just a bit cold.

After waiting for the bus for what felt like hours, I finally saw it coming in the distance. Hooray! But my happiness was short-lived. You see, I’m one of those people who steps aside to let others board before me – otherwise known as an idiot. So there’s me saying “after you… oh no it’s fine, after you” when suddenly the bus doors begin to close. By this time, everyone is on and it’s just me left so the people on the bus are trying to obstruct the doors from closing whilst telling the driver, who has decided the bus is too full, that it’s just one person left. I tried to put one foot on but the doors closed on it and for fear of my leg being ripped off, I pull my foot out from inbetween the doors and back down to the ground as the driver ignites his engine and drives off.

A combination of public embarrassment, sadness and cold air swept across me as I watched the bus leave and stood back to wait for the next bus which would be due in another 15 minutes or so… yay! -_- It felt like one of those sad American high school movies with the yellow school bus and the kid who runs all the way from home and just about makes it but the bus just shuts right in front of their face and drives off so they have to walk to school, are late and subsequently, their whole life is ruined. Okay haha slight exaggeration but still, it was a bit sly…

Well yeah, that’s pretty much it for this week’s entry!

Lots of love,

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